Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of mentors. When you think about it, almost everyone has a person that they look up to, inspire to be, or maybe even idolize. This person can be a parent, an older sibling, a peer, a celebrity, or really anyone you interact with. Throughout history, every great mind had some form of mentor. Even the people we think to be largely successful on their own had a person who they looked up to and helped them become the person they did.

Within my major, we talk a lot about Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. All great minds in their own right, each one looked up to the philosopher that came before them. Plato idolized his teacher, Socrates, so much that he often wrote Socrates into his works and portrayed him as an all-knowing individual who was never wrong.

I really enjoy thinking about the fact that all three of these men served as both a mentor and a "mentee," almost like they’re in a cycle. Maybe I’m just a nerd, but every time I learn about them, I can’t help but think of all the mentors I’ve had so far in my life.

The very first mentors I remember looking up to in life are my parents. Here are two people that set the highest bar as far as role models go for both my sister and me. They raised us to work hard, to be honest, and to be accepting of others. I always have and always will look up to them when I make any decisions in life.

I also remember various elementary school teachers being my mentors. My kindergarten teacher Mrs. Jackson and my first-grade teacher Mrs. Yeary are responsible for my love of reading and writing, since they incorporated both of these activates into class every day. I am grateful for them for fostering my growth within writing when they noticed that I had a passion for it.

Teachers as mentors has continued for me throughout my entire education, with my high school English teacher Mrs. Boeglin serving as a mentor for me in class and as my cross country coach. She also fostered my growth within writing as my teacher freshman year and by reviewing my essays for my college applications.

Even though I’m now 20 years old, I still continue to find new mentors. I can think of several professors, specifically within the English department, who inspire me to be a better writer and to take opportunities—professionally and otherwise.

I would be selling my friends short if I didn’t mention them as my mentors as well. Through my close friends I learn more about myself, and since coming to college they have taught me to be more confident and sure of myself.

Serving in a leadership role in my sorority, so many people serve as mentors to me. My adviser Cassy teaches me from personal experience in the chapter how to deal with the issues I often deal with. Our President Sammi also has served as a mentor to me since I first joined the chapter; she blogs as well and inspires me to keep writing, and she is an excellent leader whose leadership style is one I strive to emulate.  

As many mentors as I have had, I also hope that I serve as a mentor in my own right. As an older sister, a leader in my sorority, and a (soon to be) upperclassman in college, I strive to live my life in a way that makes me good role model, and maybe even a mentor. ◊


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