None of my classes have been cancelled, and 3 other reasons I’m excited for the start of junior year

A couple of days ago my Facebook page showed me my post from two years ago when I first started college. Even my mom sent a screenshot of the photo of her and me in front of my freshman year dorm. Neither of us can believe how quickly the past two years have flown by. It’s true what they say: four years go fast.

With my junior year of college starting in just a few short days, I’m finally getting more excited for the year to start.

Among the opportunities I’m most looking forward to this fall semester are the classes in my major that I finally get to take. Although I love my major, I sometimes find myself in interesting situations with my classes due to the fact that I’m one of about seven in my major and concentration. In some instances, I’ve signed up for my required courses, only for them to be cancelled because not enough people have signed up. I optimistically signed up for two courses this semester that are essential for my major, and my lack of emails from the English department tells me that I will actually get to take these classes this semester.

I am also starting the school year with some big changes outside of the classroom. For one, I moved into my first apartment just a few days ago, and am adjusting to living off-campus. Over the course of this year I’m excited to take small steps towards independence, like cooking herbed quinoa with lemon and chicken from my favorite new cookbook for my friends.

My dinner guest Sterling and me eating dinner in the new apartment. 

With the commencement of the fall semester comes a significant time in every sorority woman’s life: recruitment season. Full-day practices and workshops in preparation for possibly the busiest weekend of our year are in full swing. Although the preparation is at times stressful, ultimately recruitment is one of the most fulfilling experiences because it allows us to expand our chapter. Then of course, there’s the extravagant celebration at the end of it all where new members get to join their chapters at bid day. My roommate is in charge of planning this fabulous event, and I can’t wait to experience everything she has planned.

Finally, I’m the most excited to make up for lost time with friends who I haven’t seen in 3 months. I’ve found as I get older, summers are less filled with driving around with friends and more with working/being responsible, leaving little time to visit friends that live more than 30 minutes away. With all of my school friends coming back to school, I’m looking forward to making some memories this junior year. ◊


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